Pre-Work Assignment

Before the course begins I would like you to engage with the following pre-work:

-Make yourself some notes on colour and the associated symbols and emotions. This can be in any format that you wish: written notes, collage, mind map - whatever way suits you. It can be as simple or as thorough as you have time for.  You will want to concentrate on three main areas but you can add more if you wish:

1. The romance of colours - how does colour make you feel and what emotional reactions do YOU have when presented with particular colours? What is your favourite colour? Is there a colour you particularly dislike? Why?
2. What colours do you think of when you hear words such as volunteerism, charity, determination etc.?
3. What has been said about colour psychology? Here is one place that you can start reading - Goethe on the Psychology of Colour.

-Choose who to make a ribbon set for - will it be a friend, a family member, a fictional character, a historical figure? List some of their attributes, organizations they belong(ed) to, and some thoughts about colours that you might associate with that person/character/figure. Create a written description of this person

-Reflect on yourself - if someone was to make a ribbon for you, what colours would it be and why, and what would it be for?

-Study a colour wheel and memorize the order of colours from the traditional colour wheel

Note, in week 1 you will have a chance to share the pre-work that you have engaged in.

For those of you who are really keen to learn more about colour and the history of it (simply for your own curiosity since we will not have time to cover this in the course), you can start by reading this good blog post and seeing where it takes you. Learn How Color Theory Can Push Your Creativity to the Next Level by J. Stewart, 2018.

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