Gathering Materials

Here is the list of materials you will need for the course:

-Sturdy, high thread count, white linen square 12 inch x 12 inch

-Calico fitted to size of slate frame or stretcher bars

-Passing thread in silver or gold - 10 metres (4 metres for sampling and errors, 6 metres for making up to 6 traditional sized undress ribbons)

-Stranded cottons in a variety of colours

-Small rulers with millimetre markings


-Needle: 6x crewel embroidery number 10

-Needle: 1x chenille size 18

-Needle: 1x curved beading needle


-Micron archival pen size 005 in sepia

-White cardstock - small size

-Set of colouring pencils or markers or watercolours

There is an optional partial kit from Golden Hinde in the UK which student can purchase.

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