Guest Speakers

It is with much excitement I share with you some information on our guest speakers for this term!

Cynthia Jackson

Presentation time for all: Wednesday September 23 at 12:00 noon EASTERN time on Zoom

Cynthia Jackson from Ottawa, Ontario, is a textile artist working in many styles but is strongly drawn to 16th century gold and silk embroidery. She writes:

“I am a graduate apprentice of the Royal School of Needlework and have been teaching, researching and writing about embroidery for over forty years. To keep abreast of 21st century approaches to embroidery, I earned my BA(Hons) Embroidery in 2007 and became an award-winning textile artist. My current focus is 16th century English embroidery and have designed, taught and published several projects and articles inspired by the techniques used by professional embroiderers of the Tudor era, most recently in Inspirations Magazine and the Journal of Medieval Clothing and Textiles. I have been awarded the Janet Arnold Grant from the Society of Antiquaries, the Professional Development Grant from the Textile Society and the Research Fellowship Grant from the Embroiderers' Guild of America.”

Her work can be viewed here:

E-mail: [email protected]

Marie-Renee Otis, Art Embroidery Artist

Presentation time for all: Wednesday October 28 at 12:00 noon EASTERN time on Zoom

Marie- Renee Otis from Baie-Saint-Paul Quebec, is an internationally exhibited embroidery artist with an attraction to goldwork. She writes:

“For years I have done tapestry work on Penelope canvas. Then, I wanted to explore the art of embroidery differently.  So, I started to stitch on a variety of fabric and naturally I came to use couching quite often. With that technique I could use larger thread, cords and metallic elements. I could work in parallel lines, either straight or curves lines. I could play with the contrast of colored couching stitches or make them almost disappear with a matching color. Over time,  I learned that each variation of couching has a different name. Right from the start though, I discovered that the versatility of this technique, the freedom that couching allows, makes it a precious tool in an artist’s work.” M.R. Otis, Art Embroidery Artist

Her work can be viewed here:

Marian Preshing

Presentation time for all: Wednesday November 11 at 12:00 noon EASTERN Time Zone

Marian Preshing has been an active member of the Edmonton Needlecraft Guild for close to 30 years. She has provided instructions to guild members on programs of schwalm embroidery, surface embellishment, tatting, bead embroidery and workshops in drawn embroidery, Japanese silk embroidery and Japanese-style bead embroidery.  After a 37 year career in telecommunications with TELUS she retired to spend more time in her garden and teaching and doing traditional Japanese silk embroidery.  Her training of Japanese embroidery has been under the tutorial of Shirley Mae Collis, Dianne Nicholson and the JEC staff including Kazumi Fujisawa, Arata Tamura, Shuji and Masa Tamura.  She has completed commissions using Japanese embroidery training including embroidery on two convocation chairs for Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) and some personal pieces.  Marian trains students in the fine art of traditional Japanese embroidery across Canada.

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