Task / Assignment for Week 5

Choose one commission idea from the performance task in the previous tab.

Create a plan in your design book for an Or Nué piece of any dimensions (I suggest maximum 5 inch square, but you will likely go with a bit smaller) with the steps below. Share what you have created in the discussion area for week 5. Some of you have already done some of this so just post whatever is new.

-Document 1: simple outline/line drawing of your design

-Document 2: your outline shaded in black and white with value numbers and dividing lines

-Document 3: outline coloured in with coloured pencils or watercolour or another medium that you have on hand

-Written description of your design. Include the title of the design and your inspiration behind the design

-A chart that matches colours from your picture to the thread numbers you plan to use. You can even make a thread wrap (rectangle of heavy paper that has your threads wrapped around it) should you find that useful

-Any other supporting information you feel that will enhance your connection to your needlework

-Photos of your design transferred to fabric

-Photos of any stitching progress you have made by the end of week 5

-Self-assessment of your work

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