In preparation for the course, please do the following pre-work:

-Order your materials well in advance.

-Please have your fabric already on your frame. You can use one layer of calico, or two layers of calico, or a layer of calico and then a layer of linen. See video below.

-Think of a colour palette that you would enjoy working with. You may find the website Stitch Palettes a good source of inspiration.

-Think of how you will make a collage of images - do you want a digital collage or will you do a traditional paper and glue collage.

-Gather any books that you might find useful. Perhaps a few books from your public library on Renaissance art, or books that I have suggested in the video from the materials section of the course and from the section called 'recommended book list'.

-Look for images on the internet of paintings with good shading from the early Renaissance 1390-1440. Make an an electronic folder of these images for your reference later.

-In the recommended book list section I have included an article on or nué as a PDF. Please download and read this article before the class begins so you at least have a general overview of what or nué is.

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